Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A wander through Rosehill

 "On September 2, 1896 Lizzie Allen died. She was buried in Rosehill Cemetery, and on her tombstone was inscribed: 'Perpetual Ease.'" -- Herbert Asbury, Gem of the Prairie

   I decided to spend today roaming through Rosehill Cemetery, seeing if I can find famous Chicago madam Elizabeth Allen's gravestone. I've walked through Rosehill a few times, so I have a good idea of where the older graves are. Unfortunately, many of the 19th century stones are too worn too read.

19th century marker with squirrel motif

19th century infant graves

19th century markers; civil war soldier area

There are quite a few fancy tombs, also:

Detail of Cumming - Cherry tomb

and of course, memorials for once famous people:

John B. Finch memorial

Lulu Fellows memorial

Julius White Memorial

and then there's the whimsical section:

Marcelino grave

Marx memorial

For more photos and historical background check out my photostream on Flickr

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