Friday, May 16, 2014

Aunt Jenny is your new BFF

Today I picked up a great Spry recipe pamphlet from 1949. Spry was the brand name for the Lever Brothers vegetable shortening product. They were already making soap out of vegetables, so why not get people to eat it, too?

Food should always be in natural colors.

There seems to have been some concern about the unhealthiness of eating fried foods. To help erase any worries from our minds, they enlisted the help of "Aunt Jenny" in a series of comic-strip ads that ran in all the "women's" magazines, and are re-used here. Comic strips were prolifically used in advertising from the 1940s, and I try to keep an eye out for fun examples. Enjoy!

"Pastry-making and communism give me the willies!"

"I love to watch my husband eat while I diet!"

Remember, beating is for children, not for eggs.
Another marriage is saved.

Not every housewife masters the concept of "digestible" food.

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