Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Book Review: Travel

Today I had time to sit down and read Travel by Yuichi Yokoyama. What's it about? Well, technically it's "about" riding a train.

The awkwardness of eye contact
But really, it's about communicating the FEELING of traveling by train.

The shifting of motion and light

As a seasoned Amtrak rider, I found this to be a masterful evocation of the experience. There is no "sound," or rather no dialogue or effects, only abstracted lines and shapes, but you can hear the rattle of the rails and of rain hitting the roof.

Rain washed astray on the window

This is the first time I've read a manga or graphic novel and felt that the artwork alone carried all the information needed to express the author's intentions. This isn't a story delivery system, but visual art that uses the technique of sequential imagery.

Steaming volcano vs. smoking passengers

Highly recommended. If you can take 200 pages of just experiencing, rather than narrative, give this a chance.

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