Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day with Lana Lang and Superboy

Last week I picked up this lovely issue of Superboy, dated for February of 1980. Which is kinda weird, because that means that this was actually on the newsstands around Christmas time. Oh, well.

A typical Christmas in Smallville. (The Comic Book Database)
I picked this one up for my collage pile, largely because of the awesome evil statue imagery, but also for the demonic father themes. Nothing sells artwork more than parent issues.

And there are some great advertisements.

Don't tell Lois about your toy car shoplifting habit.

Look at that! Superman has a plane THAT PUNCHES OTHER PLANES! He probably uses it to torment Lois when she's in the Daily Planet 'copter.

Anyway, satanic dads and stuff.

Lana wants Clark's opinion on her Velma cosplay uniform.

So, Lana rushes over from next door, sporting a groovy evil eye pendant, asking for "Superboy's" help because her dad has been getting into black magic.

Which makes him the coolest Dad, ever.
Superboy has to interrupt Lana at this point because, well, her house is on fire.

Because Satan

Superboy pulls the fire out into hyperspace, possibly to burn forever like a cosmic tire fire. Upon returning to Smallville, Lana freaks out. As usual.

Clark Kent hears that a lot.

Oddly, she's not running away from Superboy, as most women do, but from her dad.

Small town drama brought to you by writer Cary Bates and Kurt Schaffenberger

Obviously, nothing terrible like incest is happening in pure Smallville, so Lana must be possessed by an ancient Persian demon.

Man. I kinda want one.

So, Superboy, under dad's advisement, decides to melt down the "evil" half of the statue. But wait!

Um, horns, duh.

Yes, her dad really WAS possessed all along! LOLS! Lana Lang isn't possessed at all; she's just wearing a magic pendant that allows her to see the "true self" of anyone. Luckily, ripping off the necklace gives her enough brain damage to forget that Clark is really Superboy.

Thus cementing the future course of Clark Kent's relationships with women.

There's actually a second story in here, involving Clark doing stupid things with Kryptonian technology, not doing his homework and "suction breath," but we've probably had enough Superboy for one day. Instead, I leave you with this wonderful advertisement for all you budding super-villains out there.

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