Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cranky Book Review: Fair Weather by Joe Matt


So, I grew up in a world where things had consequences. I knew to respect the power of adults, and I knew that material things came dear. Joe Matt seems not to have grown up in that world.

This is a book about the author being a terrible spoiled brat. That's it. It's a very well-drawn book, but there are no redeeming qualities beyond that point.

The story, if you want, presents Matt's alienation of his friends and family with his greedy nature. But, yeah, that's what happens when you are a horrible person. I can't imagine a reader picking this up and being in suspense as to the outcome.

I think we're meant to feel sorry for him. There are hints at his bedwetting. About his physical weakness. But, you know what? As a reader, I really don't care. The author appears to be so concerned with giving us an "honest" portrayal of his younger self, that any attempts at humor or empathy fail.

The worst part is that Joe Matt is an amazing cartoonist. He can deftly portray emotions with just a few brush lines. The relations between his characters are garnered through their body language as much as through their dialogue. He is a true visual storyteller. He just doesn't have anything to say

Or maybe I'm just not the target audience for this.

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