Friday, August 8, 2014

Biking west from Des Plaines with a blurry camera

I had thought that my photos looked blurrier than usual lately. Giving my camera a closer look, I discovered that the lens was covered with some sort of goop. So, that means that most of my exciting photos of my bike ride back east from Des Plaines ended up in the trash.

City of Des Plaines Trail
The City of Des Plaines bike trail

I only have a tiny digital camera, anyway. The lens is small enough that an overcast sky can make a huge difference in sharpness. But all my pictures look fuzzy to me anyway, because I'm used to film.

Notre Dame alcove
resting at Notre Dame College Prep on Dempster

I'll have to plan another visit out that way. Perhaps tomorrow I'll take the bus out to the Des Plaines trail and go north. Really, I should be looking for a second job; but I'm not starving at the moment, and the trail is calling

main street channel
Passing over the North Shore Channel at Main Street

Ideally, I would be able to make money from some of these travel shots, but everyone is a photographer now. And they mostly have better cameras. I'll just focus on keeping my battery charged and my lens clean.

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